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ESTP Publication Award 2015

The ESTP presents its publication award 2015 and 500 EUR* prize to

Dr. Preethne Böser

Dr. Böser is awarded for her publication entitled "Anti-repulsive Guidance Molecule C (RGMc) Antibodies Increases Serum Iron in Rats and Cynomolgus Monkeys by Hepcidin Downregulation." (1).

In her work Dr. Böser describes mechanistic and safety studies of two therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of anemia of chronic disease. After a concise introduction to the pathogenesis of the disease, the target of the new antibodies is explained. The properties of these two molecules are then investigated with a variety of sophisticated methods in rats and Cynomolgus monkeys. The conclusion of the studies was a promising safety and efficacy profile of both antibodies.

This publication presents a very thorough characterization of a new therapeutic strategy against anemia of chronic disease.


  1. Böser P, Seemann D, Liguori MJ, Fan L, Huang L, Hafner M, Popp A, Mueller BK (2015) Anti-repulsive guidance molecule C (RGMc) antibodies increases serum iron in rats and cynomolgus monkeys by hepcidin downregulation. AAPS J 17: 930–938

Surrey, UK, September 24, 2015

The president of the ESTP The chair of the ESTP award committee
Dr. Jenny McKay Heike Marxfeld, PhD

* supported by Novartis Pharma AG