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Guess What!
The diagnostic case of the ESTP

In this interactive ESTP section, at least two interesting cases from the field of toxicologic pathology will be presented each year as an aid to continuing education.

 The current case:
Testis lesion of a 22 months old Wistar rat
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  posted:   05-Mar-2024
  closing:   05-Sep-2024

After posting a case, it will be open for suggestions, questions or comments for approximately six months. Everyone is encouraged to send in a diagnosis electronically, either anonymously or by submitting his/her name and e-mail address. Subsequently, the diagnosis will be presented as proposed by the provider of the case together with a summary of the contributions made by the pathologists interacting by e-mail. Finished cases will remain available on the ESTP Web site so that pathologists have the opportunity to look them up and to refresh their expertise.

In order to ensure the fully interactive nature of this section of the ESTP Web site, it is important that You submit Your mystery cases to us, no matter whether they represent induced or spontaneous lesions and regardless of whether or not you are a member of the ESTP. Even if you don't have a definite diagnosis at the time of submission, there might be someone in the field who has an idea. Please contact the "Guess What! Team" or look up the suggestions for submitting a case.

Now enjoy your Magical Mystery ToxPath Tour

Your "Guess What! Team"
Susanne Rittinghausen, Matthias Rinke, Dirk Schaudien