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GTP Publication Award 1997

The 1997 Publication Award of the Gesellschaft für Toxikologische Pathologie is bestowed upon

Dr. med. vet. Susanne Rittinghausen


Dr. med. vet. Thomas Nolte

Drs. Rittinghausen and Nolte participated in an exemplary manner in the establishment and successful operation of the RITA Database (Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal-data) and took part in creating the essential conditions for standardizing technical procedures, thereby ensuring comparable tissues of each animal for evaluation and quality control within the project (1). The award-winners also used their knowledge and experience in characterizing the lung tumors observed in the hamster and rat following long-term inhalation exposure to exhaust containing coal dust (2,3). The precise histolopathologic classification of tumors, in species of varying sensitivity, forms the basis for elucidating tumor induction through fine dusts containing inert particles mixed with PAHs. This issue is of major environmental health and medical significance.


  1. Bahnemann R, Jacobs M, Karbe E, Kaufmann W, Morawietz G, Nolte T, Rittinghausen S (1995) RITA-Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal-data - Guides for organ sampling and trimming procedures in rats. Exp Toxic Pathol 47: 247-266

  2. Nolte T, Dungworth DL, Ernst H, Kittel B, Rittinghausen S, Mohr U (1995) Chemically induced pulmonary mucoepidermoid carcinoma in a female Wistar rat. Exp Toxic Pathol 47: 305-308

  3. Rittinghausen S, Dungworth DL, Dasenbrock C, Ernst H, Mohr U (1997) Cystic squamous cell carcinomas in the lungs of Syrian golden hamsters induced by coal oven flue exhaust mixed with pyrolized tar pitch in combination with benzo(a)pyrene. Exp Toxic Pathol 49: 11-14

Mannheim, October 10, 1997

GTP Chairman Awards Committee Chairman
Dr. med. vet. H. Urwyler Prof. Dr. med. R. Hess