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GTP Publication Award 1998

The 1998 Publication Award of the Gesellschaft für Toxikologische Pathologie is bestowed upon

Dr. med. vet. Barbara Lenz


Dr. med. vet. Paul-Georg Germann

The papers of Drs. Lenz and Germann have broadened the spectrum of lesions of laboratory animals with interesting aspects that are valuable for routine work.

With her paper on the atrophy of chief and parietal cells of the gastric mucosa induced by retinoids, Dr. Lenz has drawn our attention to a previously unknown target organ of this substance group (1). Special emphasis should be given to the exemplary care with which she verified her statements and the special value she placed on carrying out all of her work with technical perfection. This led to a modification of the staining according to Schiebler and Behr (2). She describes a pattern of damage to the gastric mucosa which was previously unknown, even for other substance classes.

With his investigations on oropharyngeal granulomas and cartilage changes in the laryngeal area, Dr Germann has indicated spontaneous changes which previously received little attention. He identified these changes as the cause of unexpectedly high mortality rates in long-term studies with Fischer rats treated by gavage (3). In a comparison of 6 different rat strains, he also identified the Fischer rat as having a predisposition for these lesions (4). These results are of great importance for the planning and interpretation of long-term studies, which play an essential role in toxicologic pathology.


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Zurich, October 10, 1998

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Dr. med. vet. H. Urwyler Dr. med. R.A. Ettlin