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Pathology 2.0 Webinar
MRI Applications in Non-clinical Pharmaceutical R&D

Dear members,

We are delighted to announce the upcoming webinar from the Pathology 2.0 group and the ESTP, in close collaboration with the STP. The webinar will include joint contributions by Dr. Peter Allegrini, Dr. Abraham Nyska, Dr. Enrico Vezzali and moderated by Dr. Bob Maronpot and Dr. Thomas Lemarchand.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday April 17th at 11:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 PM GMT/ 5:00 PM CET and is scheduled for approximately 90 minutes, including time for introductions and question and answer session (approximately 15-20 minutes).

After an introduction reviewing the principles of MRI and how it functions, applications related to small species in vivo or ex vivo MRI and several examples from real case studies and applications in several fields will be presented. Examples covered will be stem cell therapy, biocompatibility studies, oncology and cardiovascular diseases. We look for forward to your participation.

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On behalf of the Pathology 2.0 committee and ESTP: Abraham, Bob, Enrico, Peter and Thomas.