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Guess What! - ESTP Case 26
posted: 16-Aug-2019          closing: 16-Feb-2020

The ovary of an approximately 1 year old female mutant zebrafish from retired broodstock is shown in Fig. 2 to 6.
For comparison, Fig. 1 shows a transverse section of a normal zebrafish ovary.

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Case 20, Fig. 1
Fig. 1: Ovary, normal 2.5x
Case 20, Fig. 1
Fig. 2: Atrophic areas of lamellae 2.5x
Case 20, Fig. 1
Fig. 3: Atrophic areas of lamellae 5x
Case 20, Fig. 1
Fig. 4: Atrophic areas of lamellae 10x
Case 20, Fig. 1
Fig. 5: Atrophic areas of lamellae 20x
Case 20, Fig. 1
Fig. 6: Atrophic areas of lamellae 40x

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