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16th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology
(September 11 – 14, 2018)

This next congress will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark

Please mark your calendar


Further ESTP news and announcements:

ESTP newsletter 2018 (1)
The first ESTP newsletter 2018 containing a President's column, an introductory note of the new Councillor for International Collaboration, the announcement of Classic Examples in Toxicologic Pathology XXV, an invitation to the 6th ESTP International Expert Workshop, looking back to the Annual Conference of the Society of Hungarian Toxicologists (SHT), and commemorating Andrew Spencer is now available here. Previous newsletters are accessible in the repository.
[17-Jan-2018 ]

6th ESTP International Expert Workshop
ESTP is currently sponsoring an International Expert Workshop on "Adversity of Thyroid Follicular Cell Hypertrophy/Hyperplasia". On-line registration is now available. Click here for more information.
[01-Dec-2017 ]

15th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology
We are looking back to the very successful Congress 2017, which took place in Lyon, France. Click for more details.
[07-Sep-2017 ]

Guess What!
Case #24

Interesting cases from the field of toxicologic pathology are presented each year in this interactive ESTP section. The solution of case #23 and the new case #24 are now available.
[15-Aug-2017 ]

Updates to the Web site
For those visiting the Web site on a regular basis the Updates functionality has been improved to find more easily any recent changes.
[04-Aug-2008 ]

16th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology: Call for Abstracts / Case Presentations
Templates for poster abstracts and case presentations as well as the respective online submission forms are now available for the ESTP congress in Copenhagen.
[14-Feb-2018 ]

Digital Pathology: Insights on scientific and regulatory aspects
The SFPT (French STP) will hold its annual meeting on May 24-25, 2018, English on 24th May / français le 25 mai, Montpellier, France.
[23-Feb-2018 ]

Classic Examples in Toxicologic Pathology XXV
This seminar is offered by the ESTP and the Hannover Graduate School for Veterinary Pathobiology, Neuroinfectiology, and Translational Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover, Germany on February 23 and 24, 2018. The digital slides of the seminar are now accessible for the participants. Click here for more information. You may combine your attendance with participation in a workshop entitled "Toxicopathology data and SEND".
[16-Nov-2017 ]

Revision of Standardized Nomenclature
goRENI - the global open RENI system - is the standard reference for nomenclature and diagnostic criteria in toxicologic pathology and at the same time the Internet discussion platform for the global initiative "INHAND" - the International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic criteria. Visit for more details. ESTP members have free access to the nomenclature, diagnostic criteria, images, and much more!
The following diagnosis has been added through change control: Rarefaction – Liver. Templates for change control are available on goRENI and here.
[22-Jun-2017 ]