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Toxicopathology Case Collection
Edited by Paul-Georg Germann and Gerd Morawietz

ISBN: 3-9522681-1-9

During his illustrious career as one of the founding fathers of toxicologic pathology, Prof. Gerhard Zbinden, MD, F.R.C. Path., (1924–1993) created a unique histological slide collection (more than 1,100 cases) from which about 1,000 images have been selected and stored on this CD-ROM.

These images capture the essence of Prof. Zbinden's collection with emphasis on toxicopathological changes produced by xenobiotics, although many images of normal tissues and spontaneous lesions are included for reference. The collection is of considerable interest to toxicologists and other preclinical safety specialists given the variety of case material presented, but is of particular value to the learning, teaching and practicing toxicological pathologist.

The important feature of the ESTP Toxicopathology Case Collection is the availability of the original histological slide sets to purchasers of the CD-ROM. The recipient can then study each case in more detail. Excluding mailing/insurance costs, these slide sets can be ordered on short-term loan (up to 4 weeks) free of charge. For teaching purposes, each case is available in 24 to 30 duplicate sets of histological slides.

As a special feature, version 2 of the CD-ROM includes invited lectures with special emphasis on important subjects of toxicological pathology.

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ISBN: 3-9522681-1-9
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Toxicopathology Case Collection 

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