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Meeting Calendar - More details

On our Calendar site, we have a unique user-friendly searchable facility to enable the finding of a meeting by location, organization, date and keywords. This facility was brought into being following analysis of data from an ESTP Trainees' questionnaire. This indicated that many of our trainees were unaware of all the relevant meetings or conferences suitable to their training needs and that there was a need for one unified website with all relevant information. In addition, a need for a searchable meeting database which would allow organizers of meetings to also better plan their meetings was identified. Most of the toxicologic/veterinary pathology courses actually cluster in the last quarter of the year and they often overlap both in terms of time and content. This new database therefore provides a useful tool for both those in training and those organizing meetings to plan ahead!

Meetings can be searched for under a number of headings. These include the categories of scheduled, past and planned meetings. In the latter category, meetings which are in preparation or in even earlier stages can be added! It is hoped that those organizations which regularly provide conferences and meetings will use this particular function on a regular basis in order not to overload the calendar year at particular periods of time and in avoiding duplication of topics. Searching can also be carried out under the headings of "year", "country" and "keyword" thus enabling a fully comprehensive search. Meetings can also be searched for as suitable for trainees or for all.

The update of the meetings page is the responsibility of the Councillor for Residents and Early Career Pathologists, who has regular exchanges with the other pathology societies throughout Europe and Representatives of our sister societies.

If you know a meeting, conference, symposium, etc. which you recommend to be listed here, please send the corresponding information (date of the event, title, location and name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address of a contact person, URL of a related Web site) via e-mail to us. Listing a meeting here is free of charge, however, a committee will decide about including the information.