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13th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology
From gene to drugs: an insider’s view on cell pathology

(September 22 – 25, 2015)

This next congress will take place in Surrey, United Kingdom

Registration is now open!


(Photo: visit Surrey)

Further ESTP news and announcements:

ESTP newsletter 2015 (2)
The second ESTP newsletter 2015 containing a President's column, a look back to past Classic Examples in Hannover, and an update on the forthcoming Workshop on adversity is now available here. Previous newsletters are accessible in the repository.
[10-Apr-2015 ]

4th ESTP International Expert Workshop
ESTP is currently sponsoring an International Expert Workshop on the use of the term “adverse” in preclinical safety and experimental toxicology, with a special focus on toxicologic pathology reports. On-line registration will open on April 8, 2015. Click here for more information.
[02-Apr-2015 ]

Guess What!
Case #20

Interesting cases from the field of toxicologic pathology are presented each year in this interactive ESTP section. The solution of case #19 and the new case #20 are now available.
[14-Oct-2014 ]

12th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology
We are looking back to the very successful Congress 2014, which took place as Cutting Edge Pathology in Berlin, Germany. Click for more details.
[05-Sep-2014 ]

Updates to the Web site
For those visiting the Web site on a regular basis the Updates functionality has been improved to find more easily any recent changes.
[04-Aug-2008 ]

ESTP Publication Award 2015
The ESTP is offering an award for an outstanding scientific publication by an ESTP member with the aim of promoting scientific activities and their publication by society members. Submissions for this award sponsored by Novartis Pharma AG are welcome until July 15, 2015!
[28-May-2015 ]

13th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology: Call for Abstracts / Case Presentations
Templates for poster abstracts and case presentations as well as the respective online submission forms are now available for the ESTP congress in Surrey. An award for best poster will be sponsored by the SFPT (French Society of Toxicologic Pathology).
[08-Mar-2015 ]

Revision of Standardized Nomenclature
goRENI - the global open RENI system - is the standard reference for nomenclature and diagnostic criteria in toxicologic pathology and at the same time the Internet discussion platform for the global initiative "INHAND" - the International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic criteria. The recommendations on apoptosis/necrosis are open for comment until May 1, 2015. Visit for more details. ESTP members have free access to the nomenclature, diagnostic criteria, images, and much more!
The following diagnoses have been added through change control: Carcinoma, squamous cell – Clitoral Gland; Preputial Gland; Hyperplasia, squamous cell – Clitoral Gland; Preputial Gland
[02-Mar-2015 ]